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Jun 24 2020

Keeping Your Metal Building Cool During the Summer Heat

PTL Fabricators has some tips for keeping cool in a Metal building this summer Tennessee and Kentucky are known for their hot weather during the summer months which makes for high temperatures in metal buildings….

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Apr 17 2020

Plumbing or Process Piping – Which Do You Need?

There is a difference between plumbing and process piping. PTL explains the difference. While there may be physical similarities between plumbing and process piping they serve very different functions. Process Piping In industrial operations, process…

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Mar 20 2020

Metal. Where does it come from?

Working with metal is the foundation of what we do at PTL fabricators. But, just where do we get our metal from? Where does metal come from? Most pure metals, like aluminum, silver, and copper,…

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Feb 21 2020

Broaching… What is it? How does it work?

One of the many processes used by PTL in metal fabrication is, broaching. Here’s the 411 on broaching. What is a broach? A broach is a cutting tool with many rows of teeth, each slightly…

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