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Feb 4 2021

Facts About Steel

Steel is the favored metal used by metal fabricators like PTL Fabricators. Here are a few facts about steel Steel is a low-carbon alloy that’s typically made of iron, tin, and carbon. It can withstand…

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Jan 8 2021

Everything You Should Know About Metal

Metals have been around for thousands of years. We need metal for building construction, tools, machinery, plumbing, automobiles, and more. At PTL Fabricators, we know all about metal. Here are some interesting facts about metal:…

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Dec 8 2020

The Difference Between Welding and Fabrication

The two most important metalworking processes are welding and fabrication. Some people think they are the same thing but PTL wants you to know the difference between welding and the technique of metal fabrication Many…

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Nov 13 2020

Why Recycling Metal is Important

Scrap metal is one of the most valuable products you can recycle  PTL is here to give you some information on recycling the different kinds of metal and why it’s important. Metal recycling prep The…

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