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Sep 24 2020

Why Choose a Butler® Builder?

PTL Fabricators is proud to be your local Butler® Builder Here are a few reasons why: Proven building quality The difference is in the details. Butler® building components are designed for strength, durability, longevity, and…

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Aug 20 2020

Steel is an Essential Material for All Types of Buildings

At PTL Fabricators we believe in metal as one of the most durable materials for all types of buildings including these famous steel structures The Empire State Building Made in 1931, this is probably the…

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Jul 21 2020

What Is Rust? And How To Prevent It!

PTL Fabricators knows metal so we also know about rust and how to prevent it. First of all – what is rust? Rust is a form of iron oxide. It occurs when iron combines with…

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Jun 24 2020

Keeping Your Metal Building Cool During the Summer Heat

PTL Fabricators has some tips for keeping cool in a Metal building this summer Tennessee and Kentucky are known for their hot weather during the summer months which makes for high temperatures in metal buildings….

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