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May 24 2019

Steel Fabrication – It’s What We Do!

At PTL, we’ve been doing steel fabrication for over 30 years. But just what is it that we do? To begin with, the Oxford dictionary defines fabrication as “the action or process of inventing or…

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May 20 2019

Why is Steel the Metal of Choice!

At PTL, we work with all types of metal, but steel is still the most popular for construction. Since the 1800s, when skyscrapers started going up, steel has been the major component in commercial building…

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Apr 10 2019

The World Needs Metal – The Earth Needs You to Recycle It!

PTL wants you to be aware of the importance of recycling The world is constantly in need of metal, whether it’s aluminum, copper, lead, zinc or stainless steel. But there is only so much raw…

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Mar 19 2019

Does Your Business Need Metal Fabrication?

PTL answers the questions you should be asking when searching for the right company to partner with. By definition, metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling disparate metal pieces….

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