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Nov 7 2019

Does Your Project Call For Heavy Rigging?

Many jobs require heavy rigging or cranes to install or remove large equipment. PTL Fabricators has the trained crew for this service. What is Rigging? Rigging is a process used to secure materials to be…

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Oct 23 2019

What Can A Facility Maintenance Contractor Do For You?

At PTL, we have the education, experience and manpower necessary to maintain, build and repair any type of industrial facility What does a Facilities Manager do? Facility managers (FMs) can have many different titles and…

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Sep 25 2019

Pipefitter – What Do They Do?

At PTL, one of the many jobs performed by our crews is Pipefitting, but just what does a pipefitter do? A pipefitter is a tradesperson trained in organizing, assembling, creating and maintaining mechanical piping systems…

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Aug 6 2019

Equipment Alignment – How Important Is It?

At PTL, we know the importance of correct equipment alignment and what it means to your project installation We know that poor installation can cause early failure of your equipment. Wear and tear on any…

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