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Jan 9 2018

Welding vs. Metal Fabrication

PTL likes to keep you informed about what we do and how we do it.   Many people use fabricating and welding as interchangeable verbs, but that’s not quite the case. In its most basic…

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Nov 16 2017

What Does PTL Do?

Just what goes on at our facility? PTL Fabricators is a family owned and operated industrial metal fabricator and installer.  With over 30 years of industrial experience we can tackle our industry’s toughest challenges with…

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Oct 6 2017

Steel Buildings vs Hurricanes

Can steel buildings withstand hurricane force winds? The simple answer is yes, correctly specified & engineered steel buildings can withstand hurricane force winds. A second answer is that many of them have been tested in…

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Jul 27 2017

Industrial air filtration systems improve air quality and reduce maintenance.

Custom manufactured air filtration is the best way to optimize your air filtration. The ideal way to eliminate dust and other contaminants from an industrial facility is an industrial air filtration system. They are essential…

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