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May 25 2018

PTL Does Process Piping…
What is that?

  One of the many projects handled by PTL is Process Piping for industrial project sites   What is Process Piping? The term “process piping” generally refers to the system of pipes that transport fluids,…

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Apr 19 2018

Millwrights Wear Lots
of Hats at PTL

  PTL’s team of Millwrights are continually updating their skills, from blueprint reading to diagnosing and solving mechanical problems.   What does a Millwright do? Millwrights work in factories, power plants and other industrial settings…

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Feb 27 2018

PTL’s Metal Fabrication –
Pure and Simple

Here are the simple facts about metal fabrication But of course, metal fabrication is anything but simple  That’s why it takes the 30 years of industrial experience of PTL to do it right. According to…

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Jan 9 2018

Welding vs. Metal Fabrication

PTL likes to keep you informed about what we do and how we do it.   Many people use fabricating and welding as interchangeable verbs, but that’s not quite the case. In its most basic…

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