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Jun 21 2016

Choosing a Facilities Maintenance Contractor

There are many factors to consider when looking for a facilities maintenance contractor. When erecting or operating an industrial facility, it is incredibly important to monitor the need for repairs and maintenance. Hiring a facilities…

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May 29 2016

Equipment Highlight: 500 Ton Press Brake

What is a press brake and how does it work? At PTL we have lots of specialized equipment, and our team of experienced technicians is ready to use each piece. One of these is our 500…

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Apr 27 2016

PEMB: Pre-Engineered Metal Building

A pre-engineered building is the perfect choice for a wide range of structural and aesthetic design choices. Pre-engineered Metal Buildings are typically known as buildings that are all metal but that isn’t always the case….

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Mar 22 2016

What is a millwright?

You may think a millwright is a piece of equipment, but they are actually highly skilled tradesmen! Originally, millwrights were specialized carpenters who designed and constructed mills. In modern times they work with steel and…

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