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Apr 27 2017

Can Aluminum be fabricated?

Yes! Fabricated aluminum has an amazing amount of versatile uses. Aluminum is a vital metal with all sorts of applications. It is strong enough to replace steel and can be light enough to use as…

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Mar 30 2017

Is a metal building the right choice?

When it comes to deciding on a style of building there are lots of options. PTL is a certified Butler Buildings Builder, and we know that metal buildings can be the perfect solution for the…

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Feb 23 2017

How To Successfully Relocate a Building

At PTL, we are known for exceptional metal work, but did you know we also perform services like facility relocation? Relocating a building is no small task, but with the experts at PTL on your…

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Jan 27 2017

World Famous Metal Structures

At PTL, we work with our fair share of large scale steel and metal structures.   Here are some fun facts about some of the most widely recognized metal structures in the world!   1)…

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