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Feb 27 2016

We put our tube roller to good use!

Metal tubing can be formed to almost any angle. But how do we do it? We use a tube roller! The science of bending tubes to the exact angles we need for every project is…

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Jan 26 2016

What is a CNC Hi-Def Plasma Cutter?

A Plasma Cutter is a hand-held torch used in cutting a variety of metals.   It is an excellent tool for quickly cutting through sheet metal, metal plates, straps, bolts, pipes, etc. A hand torch…

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Jan 14 2016

Do you know what a baghouse is?

At PTL we are skilled at industrial ventilation. This includes ducts and baghouse installations. So, what exactly is a baghouse? The simple way people sometimes explain them is by referring to a baghouse as a…

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Nov 30 2015

Top things to look for in a metal fabricator

When you have a job that needs a fabricator, you more than likely have very specific wants and needs.  However, metal fabrication can cover a wide variety of businesses and services.  If you are building…

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